Tracy A Burnidge
Commercial & Business Realtor
1984-2009: Commercial General Contractor
1980-2002: MainStreet Theaters Inc.
2009- Present: Business Broker
Wayne Schumacher
Business Broker
1990-97 Stock Broker
1997-99 Marketing Specialist (PR)
1999-04 Business Consultant
2004-11 Founder/GM Video Game Developer
2011-15 Restaurant/Chef/Owner
2015-Present Turnkey Brokers
Margie Capone
Biz Lead Specialist
Margie is Tracy's Assistant and business lead generator that calls on business's to see if they want to expand or sell. I setup meetings for principals to discuss next steps and opportunities.
Larry Hines
Business Broker
Larry has over 25 years in recruitment at staff agencies throughout the us and brings sales and manufacturing expertise to professionals.
Tony Roselli
Business Broker
Commercial & Residential Realtor
Oracle Sales person
Anthony Belcastro
Business Broker
Commercial & Residential Realtor
Business Broker
Shoshana Comrov
Business Broker
Commercial Realtor
Toe the line dance- Biz owner

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